When Summer's Gone ...

I didn't take my cellphone out to the lake shore yesterday.

I wandered across the Sydney Marovitz Golf Course and got yelled at by a groundskeeper:

"You don't want to get hit in the head by a golf ball, do ya?"

I stopped in my tracks and hemmed and hawed indecisively about the question for a couple of seconds. I actually had to think about it.

"Yeah. Um. I kind of DO right now?"

It was cold outside, the water looked dirty, and my heart sank a little bit for not being completely breathtaken by the majesty of her shore and the city skyline. I daresay I was almost disappointed.

I could barely finish the thought before her waves started crashing into the metal breakers along the shore in front of me.

Before I knew it, the waves were 5.. 10.. 20 feet high, crashing into the breaker and splashing on the concrete steps I sat on.

One wave would hit the surface and roll a good forty feet down the shore in front of me.

It looked like giant white fireworks popping off into the air:




I was sitting fairly far away, but of the waves came down with a hard enough splash to kiss me on the cheek.

I missed her too.

I began to see rainbows in the mist as the waves rose and crashed into the barricade and fell.

I started crying out there because I didn't know if or when I'd see her again.

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“Leaving” – Jeremy Gloff

-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Midnight Blooming (1996)

People are stupid
That’s why I realize
I gotta blow out of this city
Before it blows my life away
My mother’s a dreamer
I inherit her wings
We’re not satisfied
By the simple things at all
When summer’s gone
I’ll be leaving again.

I think back to when I last cried
In my old house
Where you laid by my side sometimes.
Then I realize every time I go
I abandon everything
That I learn to know again
When summer’s gone
I’ll be leaving again

I know lots of good people
With dead-end jobs
Or dead-end dreams
Or dead-end lives
Sucked into their bottles
Sucked up by TV
Stuck in their living rooms
Where they think they’re going

When summer’s gone
I’ll be leaving again
I’m gonna have to change my state of mind
And leave everyone I value behind
I’m changing
And you’re not changing
And I know you can feel it
Cause I can feel it
I know you can feel it too
Yes I can still feel it…

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